TARA FISCHER Age: 34 Freelance journalist

My style changes depending on how I feel when I wake up in the morning. Sometimes I wear heels and jeans; other times I like a short skirt, but I'm careful not to wear anything too low-cut with it. I love the Cross in Notting Hill. I guess my style is a little bit funky; I don't like anything staid or too conservative.

This has been a fantastic day with four women of different ages and professions coming together, and it has highlighted the universality of women's love of clothes. While none of us lives for fashion, we have all found ourselves in raptures. I didn't know a lot about Jean Muir before. I knew that she had been a very influential designer in her day and that the cut of her clothes was important to her designs.

The clothes I have chosen are based around a fantastic Jean Muir washed suede coat that I spotted early on. I was struggling to find something to match it, and I was persuaded to try this Missoni dress. If I had seen it on the shop floor I would have walked straight past it, but actually it looked great.

Although the designs are still very much Jean Muir, there is more fluidity to them than I expected. I wouldn't have associated the coat with her original designs.

Tara wears: Washed suede coat, £1,199, Jean Muir. Navy striped roll-neck dress, £415, Missoni. Brown boots, £179, Kurt Geiger