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Jean Muir - Beyond Fashion' by Sinty Stemp

Audio — BBC R4 Womans Hour 13th December 2006

Iconic British fashion designer Jean Muir’s work is known for its classic, timeless, discreet quality and this year marks the 40th anniversary of the launch of her first collection. She died in 1995 and this year her husband donated more than 18,000 items to the National Museums Scotland, including letters, original designs, photos and clothes.


A new book celebrates her life and work and its author Sinty Stemp and friend Felicity Green will be joining Jenni to talk about Jean Muir’s enduring appeal.

This beautifully illustrated book highlights the variety and appeal of a career that covered every aspect of the fashion world, and includes many of Muir's sketches, as well as photography by Norman Parkinson, David Bailey, Eric Boman, Deborah Turbeville and Arthur Elgort.

'Jean Muir - Beyond Fashion' by Sinty Stemp, with a foreword by Felicity Green, published by Antique Collectors' Club, ISBN No: 1851495215.

2006 marks the 40th anniversary of fashion designer Jean Muir's first collection, author Sinty Stemp and friend Felicity Green join Jenni to talk about her enduring appeal.

Joanna Lumley

No Room For Secrets
An audio tribute by Joanna Lumley.
Extracted from her Audio book

No Room For Secrets.

CD ISBN 0141805684 Penguin Audio
Cassette: ISBN 0141805862
Also Published in book form
ISBN 0718146824 Michael Joseph.


The reader and I are only interested in the truth. Recklessly generously illustrated. This is the book I've been secretly longing to write.

There is so much in my overstuffed life that I've never talked about publicly before. All the things I love and dread are here: objects, photographs, people, letters, ideas, regrets, memories, journeys, being a model in the sixties, a daughter of the regiment, a friend of Dirk Bogarde; things I believe in, people I've met and can't forget; slumming it, lording it, failure and survival.

I wanted to write about eyeliner as well as sleeping under shrunken heads in a longhouse; being an honorary New Yorker, death (and why I think about it daily) and how to get thinner fast.

To give it structure I have devised a framework which is in fact, My House. I shall show the reader into every room, from front door to attic window, walking through the (colossally) sustained metaphor of my life, answering questions (which I have cunningly put) about all the stuff in the place; my things: me. Why are you photographed with the Dalai Lama? Is this the teddy bear you had on your bed at school? Did you draw this picture of your son? Why did you make these pathetic curtains? Who are you? Do you lie to the press?


Joanna Lumley: A Memoir October 2011

A great book by Joanna Lumley, covering many aspects of her full and amazing life, including her time working for Jean Muir and their friendship over the years. This richly illustrated volume would make a great Christmas or birthday present.

Let Joanna tell you herself
in this short video clip

2min video clip.

The World of Jean Muir

by Jean Muir

Published by: Collins and Brown - December 1993

ISBN: 1855851601


Jean Muir was at the forefront of British fashion and design for more than 25 years. In this book, published to tie in with a Channel 4 television series, she traced the design, making and showing of a collection, in a series of insights into the creative process.

Throughout the book the emphasis is on craftsmanship and attention to detail, the text is supported by drawings and photographs from Jean Muir's own archives and those of leading fashion journals such as "Vogue" and "Harpers & Queen", together with photographs of the author at work.

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